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HK Audio Premium PR:O 115 XD2


A 15″/1″ multifunctional speaker that can also be used as a full-range unit or stage monitor for an impressive performance. The well-balanced frequency response ensures low feedback and can be adapted to various applications using the Music/Speech controller. The integrated DSP-based power electronics supply the PR:O 115 XD2 with 1,200 watts of power. The cabinet volume, combined with the 15″ speaker and the acoustic tuning, provides clearer depth and higher bass content. The built-in MultiGrips allow safe and comfortable handling and make professional rigging a breeze by simply installing the TB-45N or TB-45NQ tilt brackets on them.


Color: Black


HK Audio Premium PR:O 115 XD2 (Powered) - Multipurpose Cabinet

  • Includes:

    1 x HK Audio Premium PR:O 115 XD2

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