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Ingeniously different sound – it’s that simple

Extended Sweetspot
Featuring the latest-generation line array technology, Elements treats audiences and musicians to an unprecedented experience in natural sound. Listeners enjoy remarkably well-defined audio image at every spot in the room. Pleasantly assertive without being aggressive, the signal is not too loud up front and not too soft in back.

Common Soundfield
An Elements system shows very little inclination to feed back, so it can be set up beside or even behind the musicians. No longer forced to fuss with separate stage monitors, you finally get to enjoy an authentic audio experience. You hear what the audience hears. And your instrument and vocals blend with those of your fellow musicians to make music the way it was meant to be made – intuitively, with musicians playing off one another. Only Elements is as musically inspiring as that.

Ingeniously different setup – it’s that simple


The best cable is... no cable at all! With the ingenious E-Connect coupler/bus, the Elements system is practically a wireless device (of course you can’t do without one mains and one signal cord). Elements also relegates heavy speaker stands to history so there’s less gear to carry and nothing left to lift onto a tall stand. An Elements subwoofer also leaves a much smaller footprint system than a tripod. You are free to site Elements wherever it serves your purposes best - before, beside or behind the band – without having to give feedback more than a passing thought.

Ingeniously different portability – it’s that simple


If you’re wondering why Elements components are so extraordinarily light for units as powerful as this and so easy for one person to carry, you need only to look to its advanced, ultra efficient speaker and power amp technologies for an answer. And it’s this remarkable compactness that has made Elements the first bona fide PA to fit in an ordinary passenger car.

Ingeniously different expandability – it’s that simple


Do you regularly gig in pubs and clubs that hold up to 150 people? Then start out with a basic Elements system in a mono rig such as Acoustic One or a stereo setup such as Band One. Then when you start attracting larger crowds simply add on more E110 or E435 components. Do you regularly play for 300 or more people? Then get in on the game with a rig made up of the new Elements Plus components, for example, the Acoustic 4 Plus setup, and gradually extend it to a large PA. Elements is the only columnar system that can be flexibly configured, reconfigured and extended. The reason for this is that Elements - unlike other columnar systems – is a genuine line array engineered to accommodate and harmonize with add-on components. Elements is small. Elements is large. Elements is mono. Elements is stereo. Elements fits your needs today – and for many tomorrows to come.


Better Coverage, Higher Intelligibility and Less Feedback

Systems that grow with your applications

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