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Totally natural and dynamic reproduction of sonic events – that’s what the HK AUDIO® development team strives for every time it sets out to develop a new HK AUDIO® speaker cabinet. A host of engineers endeavors to put a product into the hand of users that delivers utterly natural response and that is tailored precisely to their application. To that end, the development team has at its disposal one of the industry’s most sophisticated acoustical testing labs. Developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, this chamber is an ideal working environment for our engineers, providing everything they need to fine-tune new HK AUDIO® loudspeaker systems to perfection. In pursuing this goal, HK AUDIO® transcends the boundaries of pure engineering. Not until the system lives up to users’ expectations of great sound does it merit the HK AUDIO® name. The end result of these finetuning efforts are enclosures that deliver natural-sounding renditions of the original acoustic events. Our seasoned audio experts achieve this through a combination of advanced engineering skills and a profound understanding of acoustics.

Accurately reproducing the natural sound of the human voice – that was the principle focus of our efforts when we developed the Installation Line cabinets. The human voice is the most recognizable and vital of all sonic events that can be transmitted over an electroacoustical system. The voice is an “instrument” heard daily by most people, and that familiarity makes it easy for them to judge how well a speaker renders it. The human voice makes a complex sound; its spectrum touches upon all audible frequency ranges. That’s why accurate vocal reproduction is so essential, particularly in speakers designed for fixed installation. If you want to hear what makes an HK AUDIO® cabinet stand out in a crowd of speakers, pay special attention to the voice! Alongside audio quality, mechanical details figured prominently in our efforts to develop the Installation Line. Rugged speaker grilles, reliable connectors, numerous mounting options, and easy-to-use accessories were among the additional requirements placed upon our development team.

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